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“Your service is a HUGE addition to my arsenal of voices for our clients and an extreme value to me. Your variety and polished voices is exactly what I was looking for.”

Bill Carroll, WBQB-FM


Program Category: Production and Imaging
Frequency: Weekly
Terms: Barter
Delivery Method: Online/Internet
Language: English/Spanish


Simply submit a script or pick one from the library, choose one of the industry’s top voices, select a music bed that suits your format and click submit. It’s that easy! A fully produced spot will be sent to you the next day.

ExpressVO is a brand new addition to the SpotVO service that offers unlimited access to a greater selection of voices for radio commercials in English or Spanish with same or next day delivery. Affiliates of SpotVO now receive access to complete commercial production through the original service in addition to spot voiceovers through ExpressVO.

ExpressVO is easy to use. Simply submit your copy and choose a voice. You will receive a professional quality voiceover within 24 hours.


The spots were top notch and some of the best voices I have heard in this market.  Logging in was quick and easy, and we had our spots back and on air within 48 hours, fully produced with current music beds! – Sean Terrell, WKKQ-FM


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