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“I’m so excited to have AmeriCountry in my toolbox. It replaces almost every other tool I use daily. AmeriCountry has the best prep… all in one place!”

Cousin Amadeus, WSIG-FM


Program Category: Morning Prep/Audio
Frequency: Daily
Terms: Barter
Delivery Method: Online/Internet


Designed especially for Country Radio, AmeriCountry sets your show up for success by gathering all the audio and content you need in one place, from hard news to country chatter to news that pulls at the heart strings, all written in a rip-n-read style, ready for air!

AmeriCountry also features: Nashville 60, an exclusive daily entertainment report brought to you by Nashville Correspondent Becca Walls; Today’s 10, a daily breakdown of the top 10 most important stories of the day; one-on-one guest interviews; and even humorous content for your blog.

AmeriCountry is fully customizable for your morning show, enabling you to view just the prep that you care about.


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