Envision Networks® Guest Services Supplies Exclusive Interview To Kallaway on the Rise

In an interview courtesy of Envision Networks® Guest Services, actor Rob Lowe spoke with Kallaway on the Rise on WIFC-FM/Wausau, WI about his upcoming Lifetime Original Movie, Beautiful & Twisted, as well as the series of DirecTV commercials he’s appeared in.

Lowe said the TV campaign started with just five ads, but they were so successful that DirecTV negotiated to do five more. There are three ads that have yet to be released, and he said it’s been fun to hear everyone’s favorite ad.

“The other thing that’s fun about it is when like a six-year-old kid will stop me and go, ‘Hey, are you meathead Rob Lowe?’ and I go, ‘Yes, I am, son,’” Lowe continued. “That’s a kid who’s not watching The West Wing. He’s not watching Parks and Recreation. That’s really cool that it’s a way to reach out to an audience that otherwise would never know me, in a way that doesn’t involve me having to be on the Disney Channel.”

He continued to discuss how the opportunity to play so many different characters is “everything you can hope for as an actor.” Lowe’s latest work includes the Lifetime Original Movie Beautiful & Twisted, which premieres Jan. 31. The movie is based on the true story of the Fontainebleau Hotel Heir Murder.

“This movie is so bloody and so violent and so, if you can imagine, funny … When they sent it to me, I thought ‘Well there’s no way Lifetime is going to put this on the air,’” Lowe said.

Listen to the full interview here: http://goenvisionnetworks.com/streams/gs/012915/gs.html. Lowe’s film and television work includes Parks and Recreation, The West Wing, The Outsiders, Tommy Boy, St. Elmo’s Fire and much more.

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